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Becoming an EPL Owner

The Earth Power Lodge (EPL) Regeneration Station is a tailored biorefinery system that converts biomass into valuable soil amendments, renewable energy, and climate-resilient agriculture solutions.


Creating an EPL requires careful coordination of four key processes - thermochemical reaction, photobioreaction, anaerobic digestion, and energy conversion. EPL systems are designed to adapt to local environments through comprehensive site evaluations assessing factors like biomass availability, climate, soil, and zoning.


After construction, EPL owners are trained to operate and maintain the facility. Ongoing upgrades improve all EPLs through shared data and experience. EPL owners benefit from the sale of products like Regenigrow fertilizer and excess renewable power. Our copy-left licensing agreement enhances the EPL network's global impact through mutually beneficial exchanges.


Owning and operating an EPL is a long-term climate-positive business investment.

Due to the overwhelming interest, we can only engage with individuals who are genuinely committed to pursuing this opportunity.

Building a complete Earth Power Lodge Regeneration Station starts at $2.5M USD. We appreciate and love your support in whatever way you can show it, but we are a grassroots organization with few resources. As such, we can only take meetings with those who have and are willing to commit the resources needed to build an EPL. If you don't fall into this category, please follow us on social media.


Also, if you've reached out with a serious consulting inquiry and we haven't yet gotten back to you, deepest apologies, and many thanks for your patience. We'll get to you soon :)

How the Process Works

Step #1

Statement of Interest

Step #2


Step #3

Site Assessment

Step #5

Ongoing Support

Step #4


Step #1—Statement of Interest

Please fill out our form providing us information about your project. We also require that you sign an mutual confidentiality agreement as a part of this process. Please note that we are experiencing high demand and will get back to you as soon as possible.

EPL 3D render 1_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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Step #2—Consultation

We conduct a meeting to further discuss your project, including the environmental factors of your site such as light, weather, geology, geography, biomass inputs, desired outputs and desired size. If there's a mutual interest, we can move forward with a site assessment. There is a fee of $200 for the consultation with Michael Smith and the team which will rollover into your deposit if you proceed.

Step #3—Site Assessment

Three team members will conduct a 1-2 week onsite assessment in which they will survey the possible build site. This costs $20,000 USD plus expenses, with a $2000 deposit paid upfront before the assessment is scheduled.


Once the assessment is complete, we will draft a final quote and project plan before sending the contract.

site assesment.png
EPL 3.jpg

Step #4—Construction

Once the final contract is signed and the deposit is paid, we enter the build process with the planning, engineering, and architecture team.

This is followed by the physical construction process.

Step #5—Ongoing Support

As owner of an EPL Regeneration Station, you are responsible for the operation, packaging, and sales of the products. We provide ongoing support by interfacing with contractors and licensing use of our Natural Solutions Network, product distribution network, and branding in a profit share model for a fee of 15% of product as product or equivalent value. Facilities that are not connected to the network will miss out on these benefits.

Michael Smith and Rob Herring.jpg

Most EPL Biorefineries Should Turn a Profit Within 2 Years.

Profitability is high given that these facilities operate completely off the grid and require very few inputs, so many owners will be able to pay off consulting and construction costs after 2 years. This is, of course, dependent on location, product sales, and how much of the product you are using yourself.


Embark on this journey with us. Together, we can foster a future where technology serves as a beacon of regeneration, nurturing our planet for generations to come.

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