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Distribution Nodes

At this time we are onboarding people into our distribution network.

A Distribution Node Owner:

  •  Purchases one or more 250 Gallon Totes of REGENiGROW

  • Either:

    • Uses the product for direct application - such as landscape or farming or

    • Packages and labels the product for sale.

  • Packaging sources are provided by REGENiTECH, the distributor is responsible for purchasing packaging, filling, sealing and labeling product. 

  • The distributor will receive the digital label file and is responsible for purchasing labels, and labeling product.

  • As there must be continuity in our branding the packaging and labelling must adhere to our specifications.

How are Sales of Packaged Products managed?

  • Customers place online orders through the REGENiTECH store.

  • The order is assigned to a distribution node. (This is based on region and availability.)

  • The distribution node fills the order for shipping or pick up.

  • The distribution node can also do in-person sales but must account for inventory adjustments in their Distribution Dashboard.

  • Revenue from the online store is sent to each distribution node monthly - based on their order fulfillment.

Our Initial offering for wholesale totes in the first round of production is 250 Gallons at $10,000 which is $40/gallon. The suggested retail price is $80 per gallon. 

*This is a concentrate that the customer will dilute when using by following the label directions.

If you would like to buy a tote and become a distributor, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you with a license agreement and an invoice. Quantities are currently limited.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with REGENiTECH!

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