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Technology That Empowers Mother Nature to Do What She Does Best.

Re-greening Can Help Reverse Climate Change

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At REGENiTECH we envision our EPL Earth Regenerators being used to:

  • Reverse desertification and increase the speed of reforestation—regreening the planet.

  • Empower communities to restore soils and grow nutrient-dense food—while producing their own electricity.

  • Provide a way to create regenerative income streams for co-ops, communities, and organizations. 

  • Purify wastewater streams.

  • Condense and collect atmospheric water for irrigation and clean drinking water.

  • Optimize community ecosystems through our Natural Solutions Engine.

  • Create regenerative currency - putting real value on carbon sequestration and outputs that restore ecosystems.

  • Power Decentralized Internet grids for stability, privacy and sovereignty. 

Regreening the planet through conservation, restoration, and improved land management is a necessary step for our transition to a carbon neutral global economy and a stable climate.

Our System Dramatically Accelerates Natural Processes

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We've used bio-mimicry to create systems that feed each other, fostering a seamless and efficient production process. At the core of our design is a smart network that integrates various state-of-the-art technologies to convert waste biomass into valuable products, emphasizing sustainability, efficiency, and technological synergy. 

The Main Components of the Earth Power Lodge

Thermochemical Reactor (TCR)

Also known as "The Dragon," The Thermochemical Reactor (TCR) stands as the backbone of the Earth Power Lodge (EPL). Utilizing high temperatures and controlled chemical reactions, it breaks down waste biomass into simpler compounds. The TCR creates a stream of valuable products including syngas, electricity and biochar, while the carbon-rich emissions are fed to the algae. The syngas serves as a feedstock for further processes within the facility, fostering an interlinked system where waste is transformed into wealth. Biochar, on the other hand, significantly contributes to soil health, fostering a rich and sustainable agriculture ecosystem.


Photo Bioreactor (PBR)

Int solar concentrator.jpg

This is where algae cultivation occurs. This component uniquely integrates with the Thermochemical reactor by utilizing its carbon-rich gas emissions to foster algae growth. As these emissions bubble through the water within the PBR, the algae absorb the carbon, optimizing their growth in a symbiotic cycle. This process not only facilitates the creation of valuable biostimulants to nourish soil and plants but also showcases an innovative approach to carbon capture, emphasizing our commitment to a sustainable future.


Anaerobic Bioreactor (ABR)

Engaging in a complementary role within the system, the Anaerobic Bioreactor (ABR) specializes in digesting the biomass generated from the PBR. This anaerobic digestion process produces a rich variety of biostimulants, nourishing soil health and promoting vigorous plant growth. The biostimulants, rich in nutrients and beneficial microorganisms, act as a catalyst in soil regeneration, fostering a fertile ground for agriculture and landscaping. Moreover, the process concurrently generates biogas, a renewable energy source that feeds into the GENBATT system, illustrating the closed-loop philosophy of the EPL.


Conversion/Microgrid (GENBATT)

big power pallet for microgrid.png

The GENBATT component functions as the innovative energy generator within the Earth Power Lodge, harnessing the potential of by-products derived from other processes in the system to produce electricity. Through a sophisticated conversion mechanism, it utilizes gases and materials generated by the ThermoChemical Reactor and Anaerobic Bioreactor to generate power, establishing a sustainable energy loop. The carbon-rich emissions are once again sent into the Photobioreactor to feed the algae.

PP130 shown here - All Power Labs

Harness the Power of Natural Intelligence.

green power house regenitech michael smith

Natural Intelligence is rooted in the concept of biomimicry and unlike artificial intelligence it is focused on understanding natural solutions that already exist within the physical world that surrounds us. REGENiTECH uses machine learning throughout it’s biorefinery system to deeply understand and optimize the growth of algae, the biodigestion process, as well as the growth and health of plants.


REGENiTECH’s Natural Intelligence based Bioreactors are a set of building blocks that can be used to assemble systems capable of converting waste into powerful biological agents that support the regeneration of our precious natural resources.

Own and Operate an EPL

We offer comprehensive consultancy and design services, assisting in every step from site assessment to the operational phase, ensuring a sucessful and environmentally beneficial venture.


Embark on this journey with us. Together, we can foster a future where technology serves as a beacon of regeneration, nurturing our planet for generations to come.

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