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Be of Service

We believe with all our hearts that our mission to restore soil and heal ecosystems while providing for humanity's basic needs of food, water and power is worth being of service to.

Do you feel the calling?

Join Our Mission: Volunteer with REGENiTECH!

Are you passionate about making a tangible difference in the world of sustainability and regeneration? REGENiTECH is on the lookout for enthusiastic volunteers who are ready to contribute their skills, learn, and grow with us. By joining our team, you'll be at the forefront of innovative environmental solutions, helping to create a more sustainable future for all.

We are currently seeking volunteers in the following areas:

  • Polymaths: Systems thinkers. You beautiful multi-modal rainbow sheep you. We want your perspective

  • Business Development Professionals: To help us grow and manage our expanding projects.

  • Electrical Engineering: To help with the design and implementation of our energy systems.

  • Industrial Engineering/Architecture: For EPL system designs.

  • IOT (Internet of Things): To enhance our systems' connectivity and data collection.

  • Web and Web 3 Developers: For maintaining and innovating our online presence. Special emphasis on DAO's and tokenization. 

  • AI and Industrial Automation: To streamline our processes and improve efficiency.

  • Administration and Bookkeeping: Essential for the smooth operation of our organization.

  • Marketing and Graphic Design: For compelling communication of our vision and projects.

  • Volunteer Coordination: To effectively manage and engage our volunteer workforce.

  • University Groups for Research: We welcome academic partnerships for studies using our products.

  • Environmental Scientists/Engineers: Experts in analyzing ecological impacts and guiding environmental best practices.

  • Renewable Energy Specialists: Knowledgeable in solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources for sustainable power integration.

  • Agricultural Scientists/Agronomists: Innovators in crop growth, soil health, and sustainable agricultural practices.

  • Community Outreach Coordinators: Responsible for engaging with local communities and involving them in project planning.

  • Legal Advisors (Business and Environmental): Specialists in navigating environmental regulations and ensuring compliance.

  • Fundraising and Grant Writing Professionals: Skilled in securing funding through various financial channels.

  • Supply Chain and Logistics Managers: Experts in managing procurement and logistics for efficient operations.

  • Sustainability Consultants: Ensuring projects align with global sustainability goals and best practices.

  • Climate Change Advocates and Educators: Engaging the public and raising awareness about sustainability issues.

  • Water Resource Engineers: Focused on water conservation, wastewater treatment, and water-saving technologies.

  • Graphic Designers and Multimedia Specialists: Creating visual content for marketing and educational purposes.

  • Research and Development Scientists: Innovating in EPL technology and related fields.

  • Human Resource Specialists: Managing recruitment and team development in line with REGENiTECH's mission.

  • Customer Support and Relations Personnel: Handling inquiries and maintaining positive client relationships.

  • Event Planners and Coordinators: Organizing events to promote REGENiTECH’s initiatives.

  • Software Developers/Engineers: Developing custom software solutions for system automation and data analysis.

Volunteering with REGENiTECH offers you a chance to:

  • Make an Impact: Your work will directly contribute to building sustainable, regenerative communities.

  • Develop Professionally: Gain valuable experience, expand your skillset, and network with professionals in the field of sustainability.

  • Be Part of a Passionate Team: Work alongside like-minded individuals who are committed to environmental innovation and positive change.

  • Be considered for future paid positions: Obviously, those that put in their best are people we want to keep long term!


Whether you're a seasoned professional, a student, or someone looking to pivot into the world of environmental sustainability, your contribution is valuable to us.

To apply or learn more about these volunteer opportunities, please submit this form and you will receive further instructions via email. Together, we can regenerate and rejuvenate our planet, one project at a time.

We can't wait to have you on board!

Best Wishes, The REGENiTECH Team

Apply to Volunteer

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